Richter compressors

Richter shut-off, control, and safety valves

The Richter product range is practically seamless for corrosion-resistant shut-off, safety, sampling, check and sight-glass valves as well as control devices for control and shut-off tasks.

  • Nominal diameters: DN 15-1000 in accordance with ISO/DIN, DN ½-40" in accordance with ASME/ANSI depending on the series
  • Nominal pressure up to 16 bar
  • Operating temperatures from -60 to +200 °C


Technology: Valves lined with PFA/PTFE for corrosive, hazardous, loaded, pure and ultrapure liquids, steams and gases

These products can be shipped in accordance with ISO/DIN PN16/PN25 and ASME/ANSI Cl. 150 and 300 lbs for operating temperatures of -60 to +200 °C. They feature a particularly rugged design and long service life.

The housing is made of nodular cast iron EN-JS 1049/ASTM A395 or stainless steel and absorbs the pressure and pipeline forces. Thick-walled vacuum-proof linings—PFA, PTFE and antistatic fluoroplastic—provide particularly high resistance to corrosion. Special pure-media versions and an extensive package of options round out the product range.


  • Highest corrosion resistance thanks to thick-walled lining
  • Manually or remotely operated
  • Ball valves: Maintenance-free ENVIPACK control shaft seal
  • Safe and reliable usage with top quality
  • Certifications/conformities: FDA, hazardous goods type approval test ADR 2011 / DIN EN 14432, AAR Association of American Railroads, TRWS ATV-DVWK-A780, EC Pressure Equipment Directive, SIL, ATEX, German Clean Air Act (TA-Luft), component and type approval test for safety valves, ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 for safety valves
  • Substantially more cost-effective than valves made of special metals (Ti, Ni, etc.)

Product portfolio

Rotary valves

Heavy-duty shut-off and bottom-drain ball valves

The KN series of ball valves features solutions from a modular system. The selection of fluoroplastic linings, the large temperature/pressure spectrum and the numerous options enable a customized solution for nearly every application with highly corrosive and ultrapure media—and does so with largely common parts.


  • Ball valve
    • ISO version (KN/F, KNP/F)
    • ASME version made of stainless steel (KNA-S/F)
    • ASME version (KNA/F, KNAP/F)
  • Flangeless compact valve (KK/F, KKP/F)
  • Bottom-drain valves (KA-N, KAP-N)

Standard ball valves

The design of the BVI and BVA series is based on Richter's more than 30 years of application experience with lined ball valves. They have an excellent price/performance ratio for use in highly corrosive processes.


  • ISO version (BVI/F, BVIP/F)
  • ASME version (BVA/F, BVAP/F)

Control valves

This series provides plant operators with compact control valves that have high control accuracy. In many applications they are a very economical alternative to bellows-sealed globe valves and rotary plug valves.


  • ASME version (KNAR/F, KNARP/F)
  • ISO version (KNR/F, KNRP/F)

Globe valves

Diaphragm valves

Richter diaphragm valves are reliable and easy to handle. They are cost-effective and therefore among the most widespread shut-off, control and throttle valves.


  • ISO version (MV/F)
  • ASME version (MVM/F)

Bottom-drain valves

Richter bottom-drain valves are hermetically sealed, thanks to a bellows stem seal. They are particularly suited for use with highly aggressive and ultrapure liquids. They are universally resistant to chemicals and more cost-effective than valves made of special metals.


  • Manually operated (BAV/F)
  • Remotely operated (BAVM/F)

Sampling valves

Richter sampling valves enable representative and reliable sampling of pure liquids and liquids with a small amount of entrained solids directly from the medium flow.


  • PFA lining (PA/F)
  • Stainless steel version (PA/S)

Butterfly valves

Richter butterfly valves stand the test in a wide variety of process technology systems while being cost-effective, compact and easy to replace. Depending on the housing version, the butterfly valves can be installed as wafer, flanged or end-of-line valves.


  • Double-flange housing (NK/F, NKP/F)
  • Lug-style housing (NKL/F, NKLP/F; NKL-C/F)
  • Intermediate-flange housing (NKS/F, NKSP/F, NKS-C/F)

Control valves

Bellows-sealed control valves

Richter's Chemical Globe Control Valve series RSS/F is ideal when it comes to precise flow control, for example in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Bellows and safety gland seal ensure a hermetic seal that complies with the German Clean Air Act (TA-Luft).

Bellows-sealed shut-off valves

These valves (HV/F, HVR/F) with quick-opening plug are preferred where the required hermetic seal means, for example, that a ball valve or butterfly valve cannot be used. When equipped with an equal-percentage or linear regulating cone, the HVR can also assume a real control function.

Safety valves

Richter's KSE safety valve is certified for steams, gases and liquids. The KSE is bellows-sealed; the seat and cone can be replaced. Richter provides a low-pressure version particularly for chloralkali electrolysis.


  • ISO version (KSE/F, KSE-C/F)
  • ASME version (KSEA/F)

Overflow valves

Richter's spring-loaded GU/F overflow valve was designed for safeguarding the pressure of closed pipelines and system components.

Low-pressure valves

The direct-acting overflow valve of the LPV series is designed for use with corrosive and pure liquids, gases and steams. It can be installed on vessels or in pipelines as a respiration and vent valve.


  • Respiration and vent valve (LPV-A/F)
  • Straight-way valve (LPV-D/F)

Sight-glass valves

Richter's sight-glass valves enable you to observe the flow, fill level, status, colors and gas contents of media in pipelines and vessels and in the vicinity of pumps.


  • 2-way design (PSG/F)
  • 3-way design (TSG/F)
  • 2-way cylindrical sight glass (SGS/F)


With Richter's GSO strainer design, the strainer basket can be changed from above without directly contacting the media. This eliminates the need to empty the strainer and remove the media as before. Changing the strainer basket removes all impurities.

Check valves

Richter's check valves prevent liquids, gases and steam from flowing back in pipelines. They are installed, for example, to prevent the pump from siphoning or if vessels need to be vented/respirated within approximate setting ranges.


  • With solid ball (BC/F, CV/F)
  • With hollow ball (BCV/F, CVV/F)
  • Orientation: horizontal (GR/F)
  • With integrated sight glass (SR/F)


Rotary piston drives are the technically and commercially optimum solution for automating Richter ball valves and butterfly valves. They are fully developed and meet the high quality requirements of chemical and industrial process engineering. The interfaces to the fitting or control valves and signaling devices correspond to DIN/EN ISO 5211 or VDI/VDE 3845/NAMUR.


Pompe e pacchi di dosaggio per l'industria petrolchimica

Da oltre 50 anni forniamo pompe e sistemi di dosaggio robusti per applicazioni come i processi di idrocracking. L'industria petrolchimica produce i materiali di partenza per la produzione di plastica, farmaci, coloranti, detergenti e altro ancora. Contattate i nostri esperti, ci permettere di fornirvi informazioni dettagliate sulle soluzioni di pompaggio e dosaggio per i processi di idrocracking!

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Pompe e impianti per l'industria delle materie plastiche

Mettiamo a vostra disposizione la nostra speciale competenza in tutti i processi di compounding nella lavorazione delle materie plastiche (aggiunta di cere, ritardanti di fiamma e agenti lubrificanti). Contattate i nostri esperti! Saremo lieti di fornirvi consigli sulle soluzioni di dosaggio e pompaggio per l'industria delle materie plastiche come per la lavorazione del polietilene.

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Pompe e impianti per i settori farmaceutici, delle scienze biologiche e biotecnologiche

Come leader nella produzione di pompe e impianti di pompaggio per i settori farmaceutico, delle scienze biologiche e biotecnologiche, LEWA vi supporta nello sviluppo di soluzioni complete, in grado di soddisfare esattamente le esigenze dei vostri processi. La produzione farmaceutica richiede particolari competenze per garantire il rispetto delle norme di legge. Quando si tratta di produzione, affidabilità, documentazione e convalida diventano quindi priorità assolute.

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Pompe e impianti per l'industria alimentare e delle bevande

LEWA supporta produttori e imprese di costruzione di impianti nelle industrie alimentari e delle bevande con pompe e sistemi per l'omogeneizzazione e dispersione, oltre che per altre operazioni di lavorazione nel settore alimentare. Lavoriamo con voi per definire tutte le operazioni di processo fondamentali, come trasferimento, dosaggio, miscelazione, riscaldamento e raffreddamento, in modo che possiate per trasformare le vostre materie prime ad un costo conveniente.

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Pompe e impianti di misurazione per altri settori

LEWA progetta e costruisce soluzioni su specifica del cliente e rappresenta un punto di riferimento per la maggior parte dei settori che richiedono dosaggi precisi o il trasferimento affidabile di fluidi. In quanto specialisti nella manipolazione di fluidi, abbiamo ovviamente esperienza anche in settori al di fuori dei nostri mercati principali.

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